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Sharing Contracting Knowledge and Experience

The objective of the Ocean Contracts website is to share contracting knowledge and experience in the fields of international marine operations and offshore construction between vessel owners, operators, contractors, subcontractors and other offshore service providers, with the aim to improve quality and efficiency.

Our intent is to cover offshore drilling, fabrication, pipelaying, heavy lifting, subsea construction, hook up and comissioning, and all other serious offshore operations and construction activities - worldwide.

The Ocean Contracts Team                                  November 2007

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Share Your Contracting Experience With Us!

Is your company active in any of the following trades at any offshore location worldwide?

Share your contracting experience with our readers!

Do You Have a Bad Contract?

We have seen quite a few offshore fabrication contractors with bad contracts. They are in a very competitive market, and tend to accept unfair terms and conditions in fear of not getting the contract. At the risk of disaster or even bankruptcy. This is not good for those fabricators, and it is definitely not in the best interest of the offshore industry either.

You can contribute to a better offshore world by sharing your bad experience with us, so we all can learn from it.

Do You Have a Good Contract?

Do you have the sense to seek fair and sound contract terms and conditions? And do you sometimes feel frustration when you see your competition accept lousy terms and conditions?

You can not force your competitors to tender on the basis of the same sound contracting principles like you do, but you can at least offer them a chance to consider your views by showing them here.

Show us the terms and conditions, distribution of risks, payment mechanism or other contractual arrangements that you consider sound and reasonable.

Contribute to Ocean Contracts?

All proposed contributions will be seriously considered. Publications will be anonymous unless we have your written approval to mention your name or initials.

Before you propose a contribution please consider that although publications will in principle be anonymous (or only showing your initials) you shall always remain solely responsible for any copyright infringement related to such contribution and/or its publication on this website.

Email:  info  at  oceancontracts  dot  com